Sparkle and the Whirlwind FLIP BOOK FLIP BOOK
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Sparkle and the Whirlwind Fairy    Sparkle    is    out    in    the    wood collecting mushrooms. Returning   with   a   full   bag,   she   is   met   by her   sister   Snowdrop,   worried   that   the wind   was   getting   too   strong   for   her   little sister to fly in. As    they    crossed    the    field    for    home, Sparkle is snatched up in a whirlwind. Sparkle   is   very   frightened   as   she   rises, spinning    faster    and    faster,    unable    to escape... This   is   Sparkle’s   second   book   and   is packed   with   unique   pictures.   the   book also    contains    a    quiz    for    the    young reader to try out. 6 x 9 perfect bound soft back 80 pages, full colour with 56 pictures. £7.99 or less ISBN - 97819008090188