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Hi Sparkle here...
This   is   my   show   off   page.   I’m   fourteen   in   fairy years and the adventurous one of the family. I’m   vegetarian,   like   my   sisters,   and   we   live   mostly on   nuts   and   berries.   I   also   like   mushrooms   which   I collect   for   mum   in   the   wood.   Jimmy   once   gave   me chocolate.   That   was   really   nice   and   I’ve   still   got   a little left. Snowdrop    is    the    eldest    and    looks    after    me, especially   when   I   get   myself   in   a   mess,   which   often happens.   She   gets   really   mad   sometimes,   but   I know she loves me lots, the same as I do of her. Like   Snowdrop,   I’ve   put   some   of   my   pictures   on   for you   to   see.   And   the   same   as   her,   I   love   to   show   off the clothes mum makes for me. I’ve   just   come   of   age   and   I’ve   got   my   spiders   web dress.   It’s   fantastic   and   shimmers   with   all   the colours   of   the   rainbow.   We   use   them   for   festivals. You   can   read   more   about   my   dress   in   Sparkle   and the Whirlwind. I hope you enjoy them.                                                          Sparkle
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