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Hi, I’m Snowdrop.. .
My   sister   Sparkle,   insisted   I   have   a   page   of   my   own. I’m   eighteen   in   fairy   years   and   spend   lots   of   time collecting food for the family. I’m   vegetarian,   as   all   fairies   are,   with   a   diet   of   mostly nuts   and   berries.   We   make   bread   and   use   lots   of   wild honey. Sparkle   is   a   minx   and   is   always   dragging   me   into adventures   with   her.   I   don’t   mind   really,   except sometimes the adventure can get out of hand. Like   Sparkle,   I’ve   put   some   of   my   pictures   on   for   you to   see.   Mum   says   we   shouldn’t   copy   human   females, but   like   all   fairies   I   love   to   show   off   the   clothes   I make. We   have   very   special   clothes   for   festivals.   You   can read   about   them   in   Sparkle   and   the   Whirlwind ,   but I’m showing off mine in my pictures. I hope you enjoy them.                                                          Snowdrop
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