Sparkle and the Hole in the Ground
Sparkle and the Hole in the Ground is not currently available for online reading. 
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Sparkle and the Hole in the Ground Fairy    Sparkle    joins    Fairy    Prela    in    an adventure   that   will   push   both   fairies   to   the limit. Inspecting    the    surrounds    of    their    new      fairy   circle   the   two   young   fairies   stray   into an area that is used by humans. The   goblin   scavengers   cannot   believe   the fairies    stupidity,    but    are    determined    to make profit from their error. This   time   it   takes   the   efforts   of   Snowdrop and   Crystal,   Sparkles   sisters,   with   other adult   fairies   to   try   to   bring   them   home   to the Circle... This   is   Sparkle’s   third   book   and   is   packed with    unique    pictures.    the    book    also contains   a   quiz   for   the   young   reader   to   try out. 6 x 9 perfect bound soft back 80 pages, full colour with 46 pictures. £7.99 or less ISBN -  978-1908090218